Our family of passionate baristas and bakers invites you to come enjoy a comfortable environment and delicious products. Our cafe boasts excellent coffee roasted by Messenger Coffee in Kansas City, a full lunch and breakfast menu, and one-of-a-kind toast provided by our partner bakery right next door, Ibis Bakery. We also offer a large selection of Ibis' specialty pastries and loaves of bread. It’s the perfect place to meet with a friend, do work away from home or the office, catch up on your studies or simply grab a meal.


When you walk through Black Dog’s doors, you will find yourself among students, musicians, artists, bookworms, families, game enthusiasts, corporate men and women, and a whole slew of others. We put a lot of time and care into catering to all of our customers’ needs and desires through activities and events such as exhibitions of local art and game nights. You will always find something fun and exciting going on at Black Dog!